Conflict of Interest

Are you the victim of a conflict of interest in New York?

When an attorney accepts a case and enters into an attorney/client relationship, they agree to work toward their client's best interests and not show preference to any one client, or to allow one client's case to influence another. The moment a lawyer demonstrates preference; takes on two cases that are related and/or at odds with each other; or allows him or herself to become influenced against the interests of their client; it is considered a "conflict of interest" and is cause for a legal malpractice claim. You retain an attorney to fight for your needs and should not have to suffer because they sacrificed your representation for a conflicting interest.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

One of the most common conflicts of interest with attorneys is the breach of fiduciary duty. Attorneys hold a place of trust when it comes to their clients' finances. Commingling of funds, embezzlement, overbilling, or any misuse of their client's funds due to attorney negligence is unlawful. If you are the victim of a conflict of interest or of a breach of fiduciary duty by your attorney, you can file a claim for compensation with the professional assistance of a New York legal malpractice lawyer. Call the Law Offices of Ronald C. Burke, Esq. today to set up your free case evaluation!

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