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Attorney Ronald Burke is a seasoned litigator who has won many seven-figure verdicts in malpractice and personal injury cases, some of which can be seen below. Many of his cases have been reported as some of the largest verdicts and settlements in New York State in Verdict Search, the nation's leading publisher of verdict and settlement news. We encourage you to read through our recent victories to see what we may be able to achieve for your case before you contact the attorney from our firm.

Disclaimer: The results achieved in any case depend upon the exact facts and circumstances of that case. We cannot guarantee a specific result in any legal matter. Prior case results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Every case is different and no two clients have identical injuries/damages. Some of these verdicts may have been modified by subsequent court action or settlement.

  • Brooklyn Jury Awards $5M Against Dentist Who Caused Patient’s Brain Infection/Craniotomy

    On June 23, 2022, I was fortunate in obtaining a $5,000,000 verdict in a dental malpractice action from a Brooklyn jury following a three week trial. The patient (then 58 years old) sought treatment from the dentist after an oral surgeon extracted an upper right molar which left a hole (fistula) ... Read On

  • Nassau County Jury Awards $5.1M to Injured Roofer

    On March 22, 2022, a Nassau County jury awarded $5,100,000 to a 47 year old roofing mechanic who suffered a pilon fracture of his ankle joint in an 8-10 foot fall from a ladder while repairing the roof of a commercial establishment. Liability against the owner and lessor of a car dealership in Am... Read On

  • Queens County Jury Awards $5,730,000 to Family of Patient Brain Damaged During Surgery

    April 2017

    Last week I obtained a verdict of $5,730,000 against an anesthesiologist and hospital for the wrongful death of a 56 year old elevator mechanic who suffered a brain injury during surgery to place a feeding tube in his stomach. Read On

  • Manhattan Jury on a Retrial Increases Award to Steel Welder from $3.5 Million to $4.5 Million

    October 2016

    Retrial of Damages Phase of Construction Site Accident Results in $4.5 Million Dollar Award Read On

  • Personal Injury: Brooklyn Jury Awards $2,017,000 to 65 year old bricklayer

    June 2016

    Jury awards a verdict of $2, 017,000 to a 65 year old former bricklayer who fell off a collapsed scaffold sustaining an intra-articular comminuted calcaneus (heel) fracture and complex regional pain syndrome of the right foot causing a permanent limp. Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: $7.9 Million Dollar Verdict

    Paul v. Dr. Ho - Following a two-week trial in Brooklyn, Supreme Court, a jury awarded a 7.9 million dollar verdict to our client and found that a neurosurgeon negligently performed an anterior cervical decompression, vertebrectomy and fusion with iliac crest bone graft, plating and screws. In ad... Read On

  • Personal Injury: $7,250,000 Settlement After 4 Week Trial

    Jones v. City of New York - Following a four week trial in Queens, Supreme Court, New York City Pays $7,250,000 To Former Employee - Botched Suicide Leaves Corrections Officer Paralyzed Our client shot herself in the head and survived only to recover with a permanent and painful condition called ... Read On

  • Personal Injury: Claim Settles for $5,250,000 During Trial

    After 8 days of trial testimony, in the Supreme Court of New York County, The City of New York agreed to settle the claim of a sanitation worker for $5,250,000.00. Our client's ankle was carelessly crushed by a forklift while he was in the line of duty for the New York City Sanitation Department.... Read On

  • Personal Injury: Verdict for $5,100,000

    After turning down a settlement offer of $500,000 from the City of New York, a Brooklyn jury awarded our client, a 48 year old sanitation worker and his wife, $5,100,000 in damages. The client slipped and fell in a puddle of oil, caused by a leaking garbage truck in a New York City Sanitation Dep... Read On

  • Personal Injury: Jury Awards $3.5 Million Dollars

    A 54 year old arc welder fell from an unsecured closed 8 foot A-frame ladder while welding a steel water tank. The welder fell onto his dominant right hand sustaining a fracture which was treated with a closed reduction and hard cast. He subsequently developed DeQuervain's syndrome requiring surg... Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: $3,500,000 Pre-Trial Settlement

    A $3,500,000 settlement from the State of New York for a 56 year old bank vice president who became partially paralyzed (hemiparesis) as a result of a Suffolk County hospital's failure to timely diagnose and treat a brain infection. Read On

  • Legal Malpractice: Statute of Limitations Violated

    A personal injury law firm agreed to settle a legal malpractice lawsuit for failing to file a lawsuit within the time permitted by the statute of limitations. A widow had hired a law firm to pursue a medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuit. The defendant law firm missed the two year statut... Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: $3.5 Million Dollar Settlement At Trial

    A lawsuit filed on behalf of an infant against a physician and hospital in Queens for brain damage suffered during birth and her mother who brought a separate action for her own injuries suffered during delivery, settled their actions for $3,500,000 just prior to jury selection. Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: Jury Awards $3,000,000 Verdict

    An award of $3,000,000 by a Westchester County jury to the Estate of a 30 year old single woman who died as a result of a delay in diagnosis of infiltrating squamous cell anal cancer. The jury found that a surgeon who treated the young woman for recurring perianal infections and fistulas for over... Read On

  • Personal Injury: $2,800,000 Verdict

    A $2,800,000 verdict awarded by a Manhattan jury to a 31 year old assistant bank manager who fell onto his back as a result of a recurring leak in a basement cafeteria. The plaintiff suffered a herniated lumbar disc at L5-S1 requiring a laminectomy and fusion surgical procedures. This case was re... Read On

  • Personal Injury: $2.8 Million Dollar Verdict

    PREMISES LIABILITY - A Queens jury awards a young girl $2.8 million for burns sustained as she fell on a hot scalding radiator that was left exposed without a cover. Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: Settlement During Trial- $2.75 Million Dollars

    A New York City Hospital failed to timely perform a caesarean section delivery and adequately monitor the infant-plaintiff causing him to suffer brain damage (hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy) and moderate mental retardation. This case settled following the former hospital resident's testimony for... Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: $2,300,000 in Wrongful Death Case

    A $2,300,000 settlement in a wrongful death action against a hospital located in Brooklyn that prematurely discharged a 31 year old mother of 7 children who was constantly complaining of abdominal pain and vomiting. The young mother's death was due to a failure to promptly diagnose and treat a bo... Read On

  • Legal Malpractice: Conflict of Interest

    During jury selection, claims of legal malpractice, conflict of interest and fraud against a law firm and its principle, resulted in a recovery for the Estate of a mentally incompetent client who passed away before the lawsuit was filed. It was alleged that the law firm was retained by one relati... Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: $2.1 Million Dollar Settlement

    A well known HMO operating in Brooklyn agreed to settle a claim of malpractice brought by a 43 year old mother and wife who suffered from systemic lupus erythmetosus (SLE). One of the complications of SLE is kidney inflammation, which can cause leakage of protein into urine and ultimately, kidney... Read On

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