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The Law Offices of Ronald C. Burke, Esq. is dedicated to providing clients with aggressive representation and prompt results. Our firm investigates each case exhaustively and does whatever is necessary to build a strong case for each client. Attorney Burke has won multiple seven-figure settlements and verdicts for cases of all kinds and will work with you directly should you choose to retain our firm. Take part in a free initial case evaluation with our firm today to discuss your options in filing a legal malpractice claim in New York State. Contact our firm if you need assistance with any of the following:

Attorney Negligence
If you have suffered damages because of a negligent or incompetent attorney, you may be able to obtain compensation through a claim. A skilled lawyer from our firm can help you gather evidence to establish negligence. We handle legal malpractice cases arising in all types of civil lawsuits, commercial and real estate transactions, contracts, trust and estates, and more.

Civil Litigation Errors
Attorney errors during civil litigation could deprive you of fair compensation in your lawsuit, or could cause you to pay compensation to the other party when you do not deserve to do so. Common examples include a failure to: timely file a suit or claim; identify the proper defendant(s); obtain and/or exchange discovery; comply with a Court order regarding the exchange of information in the lawsuit; identify, discover and present important evidence; call relevant fact and/or expert witnesses to testify at trial; object to improper evidence used against you at trial; file an appeal of an erroneous ruling or Court order, etc.

Commingling of Funds
Attorneys are prohibited from commingling your funds with their own when handling a case. This is a grave breach of fiduciary duty and could lead to intentional or unintentional embezzlement or theft of your funds.

Conflict of Interest
Conflict of interest means that your lawyer is involved in another case or is providing counsel to another in a way that compromises their representation of your own case. Attorneys are required to give their full commitment to their clients and should not have divided loyalties between their client's and other interests..

Due Diligence
In civil litigation cases, due diligence involves thoroughly investigating the client's case for valid evidence in order to present a strong and valid argument. For criminal cases, it involves thoroughly investigating and preparing evidence to prove guilt or innocence of the charges against the defendant.

Ethics Complaints
Has your attorney violated the New York Code of Professional Ethics? If they have mistreated you, mishandled your case, or acted unprofessionally, you may be able to file a claim to compensate you for any damages you've suffered.

Impact of Insurance
Many attorneys have legal malpractice insurance to help protect them if a claim is filed against them. Our firm has the knowledge and aggression to win your case regardless of whether the other attorney has such insurance. For the sake of our client's ability to recover fair and reasonable compensation, we prefer that the attorney sued has legal malpractice insurance as many attorney's would not have sufficient funds to settle or satisfy a judgment arising out of a substantial verdict. If the attorney that negligently represented you has insufficient assets and no insurance coverage, a protracted and costly lawsuit would be a waste of your time and ours.

Pretrial Malpractice
Your lawyer should put extensive research and preparation into your case before it goes to trial in order to ensure that it has the highest chance of success. Failure to properly handle a case before trial could be grounds for an attorney malpractice claim.

Statute of Limitations
According to the New York statute of limitations, you must file a legal malpractice claim within three years of the date the malpractice occurred, or, within three years of the last date the attorney represented you on the case, transaction or matter complained of.. Our firm can help you file on time.

Trial Malpractice
If your lawyer was unprepared or incompetent at trial, speak with a legal malpractice lawyer from our firm to learn how we can help you determine if you have a case and, if so, file a claim to compensate you for your damages. Damages may also be available for those client's who were forced to settle for an unreasonable and inadequate sum of money solely due to the negligent representation of their attorney. This is a difficult theory on which to base a legal malpractice claim as it will likely be defended on the ground that you consented to the settlement fully informed of all relevant facts. However, that defense may be overcome if not true.

Other Practice Areas
The Law Offices of Ronald C. Burke, Esq. handles legal malpractice cases, but is also proud to offer skilled counsel and representation for medical malpractice claims and personal injury cases..

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Contact the attorney from our firm right away if you are in need of aggressive representation in a legal malpractice claim. Attorney Burke is AV® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell® and has been recognized every year since 2010 in New York Super Lawyers®. Many of Ron Burke's cases have been reported as some of the largest verdicts and settlements in New York State in Verdict Search, the nation's leading publisher of verdict and settlement news. Our firm is fully qualified to handle your case and is capable of obtaining the highest possible results. We have recovered millions of dollars for clients over the years and we are prepared to do the same for you. Set up your free case evaluation today!

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