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Contractor Liable to Worker Who Fell Off Ladder

On November 27, 2017 a New York County Supreme Court Justice held a general contractor liable, as a matter of law, for a construction workers fall from an unsecured ladder. The only issue for a jury to determine is the amount of money damages owed to the worker. The worker was up on a ladder cov...

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Study Shows Cardiac Stents of Limited Value

In a recent study published in the British medical journal Lancet last week, a startling finding was revealed about cardiac stents. These wire mesh cage devices are routinely used to treat those in the midst of a heart attack or with blockages and those patients with exertional chest pain. More ...

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Jury Awards $1M to H.S. Student Who Was Bullied

Last week, a Sullivan County jury lambasted a School District with a $1,000,000 award to a former High School student in upstate New York who was bullied and terrorized over two years by other students. There was ample evidence of the specific acts of bullying because much of it was documented by...

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