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Nassau County Jury Awards $5.1M to Injured Roofer

On March 22, 2022, I secured a verdict of $5,100,000 from a Nassau County jury, for a 47 year old roofing mechanic who suffered a pilon fracture of his ankle joint in an 8-10 foot fall from a ladder while repairing the roof of a commercial establishment. Liability against the owner and lessor of a car dealership in Amityville (where the accident occurred) was established before the damages trial, by motion for a violation of the NYS Labor Law governing worker safety.

At the time of the accident the roofer was 40 years old and was the sole financial support for a family of three. Due to the ladder accident, the plaintiff shattered the distal tibia and fibula requiring three surgeries over the next 3 years: to install and remove an external fixator;and, to install and remove screws and plates. He was diagnosed with progressive osteoarthritis of his tibiatalar joint and will require a fusion of that joint further worsening his antalgic gait (limp). He will never be able to work in the construction field again and is now employed as a delivery driver at a greatly reduced annual wage. The award included $2M for pain and suffering and over $3M in lost wages and medical expenses based on the testimony of an economist and physiatrist.

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