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Attorney Ronald Burke is a seasoned litigator who has won many seven-figure verdicts in malpractice and personal injury cases, some of which can be seen below. Many of his cases have been reported as some of the largest verdicts and settlements in New York State in Verdict Search, the nation's leading publisher of verdict and settlement news. We encourage you to read through our recent victories to see what we may be able to achieve for your case before you contact the attorney from our firm.

Disclaimer: The results achieved in any case depend upon the exact facts and circumstances of that case. We cannot guarantee a specific result in any legal matter. Prior case results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Every case is different and no two clients have identical injuries/damages. Some of these verdicts may have been modified by subsequent court action or settlement.

  • Medical Malpractice: $2 Million Dollar Verdict

    HIGHEST DENTAL MALPRACTICE AWARD IN NEW YORK STATE (as of that date) - A New York jury awards a Queens woman $2 million dollars for pain and suffering caused by defendant's dental malpractice in failing to inform her of the risks and dangers involved in dental blade implants which caused severe b... Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: $1,750,000 Settlement

    After a 3 week jury trial in Supreme Court, New York County, the defendant physicians and a major Manhattan hospital agreed to settle a brain damaged baby case for $1,750,000. The five year old child was born prematurely at 30 weeks and suffers from cerebral palsy and developmental delays. Among ... Read On

  • Personal Injury: $1.7 Million Dollar Verdict

    AUTO ACCIDENT - Plaintiff, a 43 year old advertising art director claims he was struck by defendant's delivery truck while he was crossing a crosswalk in Manhattan. He suffered a fractured hip and pelvis. A Manhattan jury awarded him $1.7 million dollars. Read On

  • Personal Injury: Case Settles for $1,515,000

    CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENT - Prior to closing arguments in a case against the New York State Thruway Authority, a bridge painter won a settlement of $1,515,000 for neurological and psychiatric injuries as a result of a fall from a ladder at a height of 6 - 14 feet, according to different witnesses. Th... Read On

  • Personal Injury: $1.4 Million Dollar Verdict

    A Westchester Supreme Court jury awarded 1.4 million dollars to a 58 year old nurse who was rear-ended by a Yonkers Police Department police officer while he was on a routine patrol. The jury rejected the police officer's excuse that the accident was unavoidable because he was cut off by some pha... Read On

  • Legal Malpractice: Failure to Convey Settlement Offer and Case Lost

    After depositions and prior to trial in Federal Court action, we obtained a large recovery from a New York attorney in a Federal Court action who had unsuccessfully represented a Pennsylvania corporation in a commercial litigation. It was claimed that the attorney failed to convey and/ or recomme... Read On

  • Personal Injury: $1.4 Million Dollar Settlement

    During jury selection, a case filed by a New York City public high school teacher settled for $1,400,000 as a result of injuries suffered when a white board she was erasing in the classroom fell and knocked her to the floor. One year after the accident, the teacher required a cervical discectomy ... Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: $1.4 Million Dollar Trial Settlement

    1.4 million dollars settlement during a trial for the wrongful death of a 62 year old man who died due to the complications of metastatic prostrate cancer. Our client should have been biopsied two years earlier when his PSA rose from 1 to 4. When diagnosed two years later, the PSA had risen to 8,... Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: $1,200,000 Settlement

    A $1,200,000 settlement in a medical malpractice claim against a hospital for a 17 year old student who developed a compartment syndrome because of the hospital's failure to properly monitor the boy's leg after it was casted to treat a fracture. Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: $1,150,000 Settlement

    While the Orange County Supreme Court jury was out deliberating, a case involving the amputation of the lower extremity of a fifty year old man was settled for $1,150,000. The claim was made that there was a delay of several hours in diagnosing necrotizing fasciitis of the ankle, leading to the a... Read On

  • Personal Injury: $1,100,000 Insurance Settlement

    One of our client's who was injured in a construction site accident had obtained a money judgment against a general contractor who had gone out of business. We filed a declaratory judgment action against the general contractor's liability insurance company arguing that their delay in disclaiming ... Read On

  • Personal Injury: Case Settles for $1,000,000

    A $1,000,000 settlement for a mother, age 92, and daughter, age 76. Our clients were rear seat passengers in a car when they were involved in a two car accident at an intersection in Brooklyn. The mother fractured her hip and elbow, and the daughter fractured her leg (femur). Both underwent surge... Read On

  • Legal Malpractice: Failure to Appear in Court Results in Dismissal of Case-Legal Malpractice Claimant Recovers

    A substantial pre-suit settlement was obtained for someone who retained an attorney to represent her for injuries in a car accident. The attorney failed to appear for two court appearances and failed to oppose a motion to dismiss which was granted on default. Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: $900,000 Settlement

    A $900,000 settlement for a 32 year old mother who suffered a 4 centimeter separation of her symphysis pubis (pelvis) during a vaginal delivery at a Long Island hospital. The case settled during trial in the Supreme Court of Queens County after the client's obstetrician and orthopedist testified ... Read On

  • Personal Injury: $750,000 Verdict

    AUTO ACCIDENT - A $750,000 verdict in Manhattan against a New York City on behalf of a 38 year old woman whose car flipped over on the West Side Highway due to a substandard concrete island in the roadway that was scheduled to be removed five years prior to the accident. The plaintiff suffered fr... Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: $650,000 Settlement

    Following jury selection, a settlement of $650,000 on behalf of a young mother other against a New York City hospital that performed a contraindicated hypogastric artery ligation procedure to stop blood loss after a cesarean section. The plaintiff suffered from pain and swelling of the lower extr... Read On

  • Personal Injury: $600,000 Settlment

    PREMISES LIABILITY / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - A mother and her son who were robbed and terrorized by an intruder in an elevator of their apartment building accept $600,000 following opening statements to settle their claims against the owners of the apartment building where they lived. Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: $450,000 Settlement

    A 52 year-old woman alleged that she required a mastectomy, instead of a lumpectomy because her doctors failed to timely diagnose and biopsy her breast cancer. This action was settled during trial just prior to summations for $450,000. Read On

  • Medical Malpractice: $395,000 Settlement

    A $395,000 settlement was received for a young man against a urologist for medical malpractice and deceptive business practices in performing a penis lengthening and widening procedure. It was successfully argued that the augmentation phalloplasty procedure had no appreciable chance of success an... Read On

  • Legal Malpractice: Attorney Retained to Investigate Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death Unaware Statute of Limitations Expired On His Watch

    We recovered a substantial sum of money on behalf of the Estate of a 60 year old mother and grandmother who was the victim of medical malpractice and legal malpractice. The attorney retained to pursue the case didn't diary the deadline for filing suit and had neglected to have the case reviewed b... Read On

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