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Study Shows Cardiac Stents of Limited Value

In a recent study published in the British medical journal Lancet last week, a startling finding was revealed about cardiac stents. These wire mesh cage devices are routinely used to treat those in the midst of a heart attack or with blockages and those patients with exertional chest pain. More ...

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Brooklyn Jury Awards $5M To Autistic Child--Failure To Prevent Pre-Term Labor Causing Premature Birth

On February 2, 2017, a Brooklyn jury found that an obstetrician, Dr. Rubin Frenkel failed to diagnose and prevent pre-term labor in a woman who was 25 weeks pregnant. Her baby's birth weight was 1.5 pounds. At the time of trial the child was 9 years old. The mother claimed that the low birth weight and prematurity was a cause of her child's autism.

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